14th National Emergency Medicine Congress & 5th Intercontinental Emergency Medicine Congress and 5th International Critical Care Congress



It was 2008!.. I remember as if it was yesterday, my opening speech of the 4th National Emergency Medicine Congress on a beautiful day in May, in Antalya: “...now we are at the 4th National Congress... We are yet a very young branch... A lot will have been changed when we proggress further to add another digit in front of the 4th, making it 14th...” A decade have passed. I would like you to note that we proudly announce two other worldwide trademark congresses alongside the 14th National Emergency Medicine Congress: “The 5th Intercontinental Emergency Medicine Congress and the 5th International Critical Care Congress.” Yes; our congresses have extended largely with the lead of EPAT’s international mission plan and they have become worldwide. 

Today, we are sharing a well deserved pride and honor altogether; that our plant which has been raised with diligence and fructified under our care is now a fully grown tree with roots reaching unimaginable depths. 

Emergency medicine professionals... The unsung heroes of emergency rooms all of which should be considered as a society laboratory... The guards that call you out to “stay alive” when on the thin line between life and death: The ER personnel... Those who carry the torch of science and knowledge to emergency rooms where nobody even wants to pass by unless one day they have to; the soldiers eager to deliver the service even to the most remote locations of the country, a service which has been deficiently handled through its history... We have been tying to provide you with scientific activity support in our preeminent congresses for fourteen years, as well as social activities which you all selflessly disregard in your daily lives. Years of experience supporting our back and ever retained amateur and childlike enthusiasm... This is our job; because we are EPAT.

It has been a while since we have given up on trying to fit our scientific efforts into some certain days of the year. Just as all the omnipresent ER professionals; we, as well, are ready to rush around alongside you supportively. I hope you all know that “we” are actually “YOU”! Unified and prepared, now more then ever... altogether with you, meaning all of US, including all emergency medicine professionals with whom we share the burden of ER... 

Our trademark congress which brings together the most distinguished individuals of our country and select intercontinental individuals, let alone international... It will take place at Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort Hotel, Belek/Antalya which is also a trademark congress hotel itself. Be there between 19 – 22 April, 2018 and we, together with the invaluable experience brought in by GenX Congress Organizations who have been proudly serving the emergency medicine community, will gladly welcome you. 

Emergency Medicine Professionals! Emergency Medicine Family! You are invited to join hands for building up a better future, to worldwide interchange of experience and up to date knowledge, to catch up with friends and make new friendships and to spend some quality time altogether. You are invited to the 14th National Emergency Medicine Congress & 5th Intercontinental Emergency Medicine Congress and 5th International Critical Care Congress in Belek/Antalya... Mark the dates on your calender for 19 – 22 April, 2018... 
Let’s aim higher, ALTOGETHER!


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