EUSEM Refresher Course 9 Emergency Response For Disasters November 01- 04 2018 Istanbul

Dear Collegues,
We are proud to announce that we had accomplished the 9th EUSEM Refresher Course titled Disaster Medicine and Emergency Response.
The course had embraced the Disaster Medicine in all aspects involving theoretical and practical skills. We had met our goals far better with participation of domestic and foreign attendees. Organizing such a qualified and succesfull event just in 4 months had been possible with your valuable contrubitions and supports which we always feel behind us.
2 years ago, in 2016, we did achieve the 6th Refresher Course  succesfully and today we proved that, this success is not a coincidence. As EPAT and as Turkey, we showed our pacesetter position for Disaster Medicine to the World once again. What we do is the guarantee of our actions, salute!
At the outset, we would like to thank to the President of EPAT, Prof. Başar CANDER who made this course happen and also to all the trainers from Medicines Sans Frontieres, Medical Simulation Society, Koc University RMK- AIMES, the European Society for Emergency Medicine and AFAD.
We will never walk alone, all together to the best!
EPAT YEPS and Disaster Section