We celebrate Mubarak Ramadan Feast

Dear Colleagues

Like all long vacations, health services will be entrusted to emergency service employees during this holiday. We know the importance of this trust and entrust will be in safe hands. The sure hands are too precious to entrust the citizens of the Republic of Turkey. These two valuable trusts deserve the most beautiful of mutual love and respect. Our most important wish is for our people to have a healthy life on this holiday as always. However, it is our hope that a peaceful environment will be provided for our colleagues who will serve in emergency services on this long holiday.

Hereby, we celebrate Mubarak Ramadan Feast of our health care colleagues, our country, and the entire Islamic world, especially the Emergency Medicine Workers. Especially during this long holiday, we would like to make sure that our employees who will serve in emergency services will have easy, peaceful and undamaged work.