MENATOX 2020 19-22 February 2020 İstanbul

Our very valuable colleagues
MENATOX2020 was held in Istanbul Şişli Radisson Blu between 19-22 February 2020, hosted by the Emergency Physician Association Turkey (EPAT). In this congress, twenty of the speakers from Turkey and nearly seventy from abroad talked. Almost three hundred participants were present in total. Our overseas speakers attended from France, India, Italy, Germany, Oman, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Qatar, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, mostly from the USA. Indeed, people who have a voice in clinical toxicology in the world took part in this congress and very valuable presentations were made and practices were shared. Until the last minute, the MENATOX2020 Congress continued as a highly scientific feast. During the first three days of the congress, approximately two hundred presentations were made. On the fourth day, special courses were organized for all participants, and on the fifth day, only for those who participated in the Middle East. Apart from MENATOX and ATUDER, Turkish Red Crescent, Asia Pacific Toxicology Association, Asia Pacific Emergency Medicine Association, American Defense Industry Representatives, American Emergency Medicine Association and QATAR Disaster and Emergency Management Authority supported this congress and sent delegates.
EPAT has been working on this project for nearly two years to raise awareness and raise interest in Clinical Toxicology. For this purpose, it did not hesitate to display the necessary support. It was understood from the feedback received both during and after the congress that EPAT took a very appropriate decision in this project. EPAT maintains its contacts with the authorities both in the country and internationally in order to reach the position it deserves (primarily fellowship program) in the field of Clinical Toxicology under the Emergency Medicine Specialization in our country. In this regard, we will be in front of our colleagues with different projects in the near future.
Because of this scientific feast, we would like to thank to EPAT President Prof. Dr. Dr. Basar Cander, MENATOX President Dr. To Ziad Kazzi, EPAT Economic Operations Manager Prof. Dr. Dr. Mehmet Gül, EPAT and MENATOX Board Members, congress secretaries Bruno Megarban, Dr. Aynur Şahin, Dr. Badria Alhatali, Dr. Yunsur Çevik and Dr. Behçet Al; the organization company owner Murat Sarıtoprak and his employees, to all our valuable and distinguished speakers and all our participants; we also thank everyone who contributed more or less. The feeling of raising awareness in the field of Emergency Medicine especially in Clinical Toxicology has made us very happy. The beauty of a blessing is its continuity. We gained solid and lasting friendships with this congress and we will endeavor to continue to increase them.
Yours sincerely