15th International Emergency Medicine Congress, 6th Intercontinental Emergency Medicine Congress, 6th Internatioanal Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Congress



Marching towards the future…

I am writing this invitation letter at midnight sharp... It is the best time of the day for freewriting and metaphors. I cracked the doors open to my subconscious thinking “what is going on in our country and in the world right at this moment?”… I thought about what businesses, craftsmen, officers, renowned bureaucracy are up to. But you know what they say, “mailmen visit their delivery neighborhoods on their day off”, by the same token, emergency cases swam before my eyes… As I am writing this letter or as you are reading it, what is going on in the emergency rooms? How many CPRs are performed and how many patients are brought back to life? How many patients are intubated and supported by mechanic ventilation in order to remediate their respiratory insufficiency? Whose irregular heartbeats and abnormal heart rhythms require medical intervention? How many patients with circulatory collapse are being held onto life via drugs and other support systems? How many injured bodies are being healed after trauma? Poisoned patients, gastrointestinal bleeding, acute abdominal pain… How many patients are treated with chest tubes, rectal catheters, ECHO, ECMO? How many doctors are giving information to family members? How many are assaulted verbally or physically? Close your eyes for a second and think about emergency rooms. And now just think about those who undertake this dynamic and sacred responsibility during midnight, in the small hours, morning, noon, all day, every day. Emergency medicine specialists. It is an honor to be part of this huge community and we feel truly gratified to be able to address you. 

Dear colleagues;

As well as that it is very difficult and imposes sacrifice to work in these important and strategic units recognized as emergency rooms where all diseases and subdisciplines of medicine regarding human body are addressed together, it also requires constant development, education and innovation. We are getting prepared to welcome you to our upcoming major event where we can keep our constantly updated information on this broad subspecialty of medicine fresh and introduce new information. This huge scientific initiative created by EPAT, which is already a world famous brand, has turned into a distinguished and prestigious leadership movement within the emergency medicine world which continues to move towards new and more important goals each and every year. Furthermore, this unique scientific organization has become an unrestricted brand that unites different countries and sets an example and provides direction and inspiration for emergency medicine worldwide just like EPAT. 

We have maintained a new identity by combining the huge power of emergency medicine in our country with years of profound experience and consistency of management and pioneered exemplary events that other subspecialties cannot even imagine. EPAT has gained its strength through the function of a huge reactor that transforms the excitement of unity provided by precious members like you and hero colleagues into an extraordinary vibe. We are getting prepared for this big event by means of different national and international events held in our country and worldwide almost every week and every day throughout the year. As you can easily realize by reviewing our website, EPAT, as of today, is capable of organizing 5-6 events simultaneously, 2 of which are organized in different countries. Canada, USA, India, China, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Poland, Egypt… As we share the honor of becoming an important meeting point which presidents of associations, various important academicians and emergency medicine specialists from almost forty different countries who have undertaken important responsibilities write in their calendar a year ago, we would once again like to emphasize that the main source of this strength is you. EPAT has already started to work with fifteen foundations within its establishment for this big event where we will review developments and innovations regarding emergency medicine which continues to grow and transform, where we will sail together toward new horizons, share our energy and experience and once again beat our own records, and this preparation period will continue for months without slowing down. Because we are EPAT. Because we serve emergency medicine. Because we have energetic, dynamic, self-sacrificing, hero emergency medicine specialists by our side who have set their heart on this compelling journey. 

Enhancing its strength and magnitude with consistency and gaining more power through this consistency, EPAT has chosen to work with GenX and dear organizer Orkun CAN with whom we have worked in harmony and organized important events together for years. We have set out on this long, exhausting but delightful journey together to surprise you with various activities and transform our congress into a huge celebration in one of the biggest hotels of our country, Kaya Palazzo Belek located in Antalya, which is an important congress city. We proudly invite you dear colleagues, with whom we have come this far and from whom we gain our strength, to join us in 15th National Emergency Medicine Congress & 6th Intercontinental Emergency Medicine and 
6th International Critical Care Congress which will take place on April 25-28 in Belek/Antalya.

With my best regards… 


Prof. Dr. Başar CANDER                          Prof. Dr. Zeynep ÇAKIR​