17th National Emergency Medicine Congress & 8th Intercontinental Emergency Medicine Congress & 8th International Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Congress

17th National Emergency Medicine Congress & 8th Intercontinental Emergency Medicine Congress & 8th International Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Congress


We missed you a lot!

    2020 was a totally different year for all of us. It was March when the COVID19 pandemic knocked at our door though we heard of it like like a horrendous Far Eastern tale at the beginning of new year. As the global members of emergency medicine, our excitement was at the climax for the annual Congress in April. Unfortunately, it turned out that no physical events could be held. Again, the emergency medicine specialists & health-care professionals that always work in the front line in all circumstances including disasters continued to rise and shine like a star via-a-via all specialties because they are good at crisis management and problem resolution instead of being the source of problem.

    Without doubt, one of major needs of the army of health-care professionals is the execution, replication and exchange of accurate, up-to-date & accessible know-how in the “light of science”. As the Emergency Physicians Association of Turkey (EPAT), at the beginning of this new period, when nothing was clear, we continued meetings, courses & congresses with the tools of the “new normal”, without losing any speed. When the annual congress was held online in November, we have already become the champion of e-meetings, thanks to the experience and know-how of years that EPAT built at face-to-face meetings.

    Yes. 2020 was a year where nothing will be the same as it used to be: from training concepts to holiday concepts, from family gatherings to weddings, festivities, dining, drinking, entertainment, from what we buy to what we sell. Out of a few transformed values, there are “the scientific events by the EPAT” because being the EPAT means being ready and overcoming challenges just like emergency medicine specialists.

    It also means experience, skills, sacrifice, discipline & hard work. Departing from the unique dynamic and competent spirit of ER specialists, we found the power in us to organize six or seven events a day before and after pandemic...each ground breaking congresses, symposia, courses and other events.....the 16th National, 7th International & Intercontinental Congress, that is a global brand, is successfully lagged behind.

    Our major expectation from 2021 is the chance to see big, old and wise world to have left these days in the past and found the cure and the opportunity to meet ER specialists who are the leading heroes, at physical congresses. We have already to started to work for this aim. Our objective is to hold convene at our usual venue, in October in Antalya, the congress heaven, foreseeing that pandemic conditions will be easier on us. We concerted all our energy and power on this target.

    15 organizations under the umbrella of the EPAT have already started to work in this direction. In the mean time, we are in full coordination with 53 associations and you always have been our best companian and guiding light. We set out on the route with you and we shall walk together. Our annual congress has become the most important scientific event of the year. We ensured it to be the platform that people care about and cherish and free their calendar for. We made it together and we will achieve together again.

    We look forward to being able to wake up to a brandnew day, rise our branches with sprouts to the blue skies like a wise tree, unchain it all to get together on 14-17 October 2021. Venue: Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek that we previously hosted you before with great pleasure and joy. Professional Congress Organizer dear Mr. Orkun Can and his team that medical circle appreciates them very well and we are cooperating for many years, will be working day and night to host you. Without doubt, the pharma and medical industry supporters that believe in and trying to realize our dreams as much as we do will be standing strong with us. They fullheartedly deserve the credit for their invaluable and kind contributions.

We missed you all a lot. Look forward to embracing you on healthy, happy and beautiful days. Regards


Prof. Dr. Başar CANDER                           Prof. Dr. Zeynep GÖKCAN ÇAKIR

President of ATUDER                                    Vice President of ATUDER