18th National Emergency Medicine Congress & 9 th Intercontinental Emergency Medicine Congress & 9 th International Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Congress


Since the day we entered 2022, we all have a very long list before us which we hope to make true with fresh ideas and brand new energy. In this sense, we all wished health and peace for both ourselves and the whole world. We wished that the poor were happy, the peeved were good, the wounds were bound up and all the people, or even all the creatures, were happy. We also didn’t forget to include our yearning to say goodbye to the pandemic which has been the one and only agenda for the recent years. While leaving 2021 behind, we asked some other things, too... Sure, we asked health but also for the guardians of our health. We wished that emergency workers did their job in health and peace as they have always been the first to guard our health, fight for it and always confront the hardships at the forefront regardless of night and day, week days and ends, summer and winter, holidays and festivals or pandemics and other times. Having mastered not only the time around the clock but also every situation concerning human health, physicians came through hardships relying on their knowledge, experience and skills.

As the Emergency Specialists’ Association (ATUDER), the only professional association in the field which operates for a quarter century for the same purpose, we didn’t only wish for things but also set off to make our dreams true and made progress. We have always been on the road. Summer, winter, trouble, pandemic, far-away places... We never made excuses and always brought knowledge, science, learning and the love to learn for long years throughout Turkey and all around the world. We never considered our duty as a burden but regarded it as our reward to deliver it. Therefore, we always had new roads in our minds when we sped the last and welcomed the new year. The roads that led to the unsung heroes who dedicated their lives to you and to save and touch your lives at emergencies...

Here we are again preparing to set out on a journey for you, us and all the people! We will walk and make it to the destination altogether! As not an international but an intercontinental meeting, the countdown has started for the “18th National Emergency Medicine Congress & 9th Intercontinental Emergency Medicine Congress & 9th International Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Congress”… Hundreds of expert and experienced scientists from five continents and 53 countries will be in Turkey for the biggest scientific organization of the year. We deemed that the most beautiful month in autumn was October although it is not as romantic as September or as dark as November. Furthermore, we chose Antalya for the great meeting which is the best city to enjoy the month of October. We invite you to join us at Royal Seginus Hotel on October 27- 30, 2022 in order to celebrate the 99th anniversary and welcome the new century of the Republic of Türkiye with joy and bliss. We are impatient to come together, share with and learn from the young, hardworking and dynamic emergency workers of the centenary Republic of Türkiye...


Prof. Dr. Başar CANDER                             Prof. Dr. Zeynep GÖKCAN ÇAKIR

President of ATUDER                                     Vice President of ATUDER